Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!

The tracking number came yesterday but I didn’t have time to write! Look at where it is AS OF NOW!

Sooo…it is in Portland and in the truck on its way to be delivered to my house at any point today! What a glorious day! This day has finally arrived!

Now that I have this on the way Jeff and I are figuring out how to get our E2 visas. I posted on a facebook group for all of the other EPIK, GEPIK and SMOE people to ask them if they had any idea. They all came back with really helpful ideas. Found out that there might be a mail-it-in option. I say this because if there wasn’t then we would drive up to Seattle to get our visas. 3.5 hours…I guess I don’t mind but I would rather not spend all that gas money! Id rather spend it in Korea!!! So for sure, we would have to leave the 15th to make it to orientation by the 18th in the morning. When I get my flight details I will post that, but I can’t do that until I get my contract.

I am continuing to get rid of things and “size down” my life. I am finding it much harder. Is it sad that I want to bring baskets and organization things! I am afraid to pack. People got me thinking about it on the discussion boards and it nearly gave me a panic attack. My life will not fit into two suitcases. No way. I guess it’ll have to! haha Maybe I will have signed a contract and sent it back to EPIK next time I post! I hope so!!


Comments on: "Tracking Number for NOA!" (2)

  1. I went to Seattle for my VISA when I was a youngin!

  2. I went to Seattle for my VISA when I was a youngin!!

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