Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!


I think I am in Dalseo-gu. Yes, it may seem silly to say think but I am being very honest. I just have the attitude that I will be okay and I will find out more and more as I continue on with my process. Sure, I may not know where I am right now but soon I will know where I am and where things are in relation to me. Like…I know that Jeff is about a 40 minute walk from my apartment to his. His school is much closer to me than him.

Anyway, I got to Daegu on Thursday in the late afternoon. I was very tired from listening to drunk people at Jeonju all night long so I slept on the bus. We met our co teachers at the Daegu English Support Center- I think thats what it is. I met my coteacher and another administrator from my school. My coteacher (Yun) is the sweetest most nicest person. As we are driving to the school I find something out.

I am the first Native English teacher to teach at this elementary school. My oh my. That is a lot of pressure.

My school:

It looks quite big (compared to the schools I taught at in the US.) It is 3 buildings each 4 stories high. Around 300 students. I kept telling her that it was a big school and I was so amazed. Then I talked to Jeff whose school has over 1000 students. Holy moly. It has a great energy about it though, the staff has been welcoming. So welcoming that one of the office staff gave me Korean work books to learn the language haha. I don’t have any pictures of my school just yet :/

My  MAIN co teacher:

She is great. AMAZING! She really thinks about what I might be needing or wanting and helps me get to a point where I am not uncomfortable anymore. She really wants my Korean to get better too haha. She has done such a great job at introducing me to the staff and involving me in meetings. I think that it is good that she saw that I have a Masters in Education because she just finished her Masters degree as well- so she knows what I am capable of. I am very thankful to have her and hope that her and I can have a healthy relationship.

My other co teachers:

Grade 3 teachers




Grade 4

All my OTHER main co teacher





Grade 5:

My main coteacher.

Grade 6:

My main coteacher.

Soo…I have quite a few.

My Teaching:

I teach Monday through Friday from 9-12 and then Wednesday and Friday 3:00-3:40.

I teach 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade. Oh did I forget to mention that twice a week I teach English to the TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOL? What??? I am so nervous about that. I know how to teach children but not adults- perfect example is Shouka..he didn’t really learn anything from me haha. Monday morning I will be on the morning announcements, yep, they have a TV broadcasting system that will go to every room in the school and I will introduce myself. My co teacher told me “just look cute, see you Monday!”

My Apartment:

When I first moved in, I was horrified. My co teacher said that in Korea when you move out you don’t clean it- it is the person who moves in, its their job. SO it was my job to clean up after this nasty guy. I wore flip flops around my apartment the first day. The next day I got some cleaning supplies and 5 or 6 hours later I was prancing around my apartment barefoot. I am very happy in there now…now if only it was near ANYTHING at all…

Entrance way with the shoe cupboard.

The apartment.



My Sanity:

I am slowly gaining it back, so I think I will be okay. Wish me luck in finding Youri and Blake tonight downtown.


Comments on: "Dalseo-gu" (3)

  1. Shannon,
    You are brave and daring. I love reading your blog, the pictures are wonderful in helping me to understand where you are in the world. And I love SKYPE, amazing stuff to be around the world and to have such a wonderful family get together.

  2. Morning announcements? You are almost famous! Good luck vibes coming for downtown and the first day of school!

  3. Hi, I am going to be moving to Daegu soon to teach english, hopefully, and I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading some of your blog and to let you know that it helped me out with some worries I was having. Thank you!

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