Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!


I finally have internet…now that I have internet I just want to be on facebook and do useless things with my time haha. I know that I must keep this blog up!!! I have to let the people I know and love back home know I am alright (thats you Grandma!!)

Over the past week I have been very busy. I am starting to know some students names, but it will take me time because there are A LOT of students. So far, I have a made a 1st grade friend…she speaks fluent English haha. In her family they speak Korean and English.


Since I am the first Native English teacher in this school I don’t think that they really know what to do with me. They also don’t want to give up control of their class. They are thinking; well this ‘teacher’ has an American accent and we want our kids to as well so lets make her just repeat things. I just want them to know that I love planning, I love teaching and I will waste away if I can’t really do that. That is all I will say for now. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

*Last week I had the opening dinner with my school. I was feeling really sick that day- the “air con” was really getting to me and I had a cold. I couldn’t control my sneezing and runny nose. We went to eat sam gup sal- yeah…I am nervous to even say what it is but it was freakin delicious. I have been thinking about it ever since. At the dinner, it was very formal and it was a chance for me to put all of my Korean etiquette to the test!

  1. Turn your head away from your superior while drinking an alcoholic beverage.
  2. Hold the cup with two hands while you are being poured a drink by a superior.
  3. Take things and give things with only your right hand if not both. If only one, you must must must have your left underneath your right hand. (You will notice that EVERYONE does this everywhere- I learned it from a Family Mart ^_^)

I may of offended some people though because I was feeling so sick and I declined the invite to go sing at a Norebong. I know I know…but seriously- I couldn’t do it. I went home and slept from 8:00 to 7:00 am the next day. It is exhausting listening to Korean all day ahha. Seriously, don’t under estimate the power of confusion that drains you at the end of the day.

  • A couple of the young teachers came with my co teacher and I downtown this weekend. It was really fun, they are so nice to me! They text me and want to hang out. I feel really lucky to have really nice teachers at my school- really welcoming and so flattering. My face is not so small but thanks for saying it anyways : ) teehee Thanks to Hyuny and Jamie who have taken me under their wing and want to make me happy and comfortable!

The English Classroom is a sight to see. The Korean education department really has put a lot of effort into English in the schools. This year Daegu is the only city that made sure that EVERY school has a native English teacher. That explains why half of the orientation was going to Daegu haha.

English Zone. Yep, its a touch, LCD screen. No biggie...



Upon moving here Jeff and I were hopeful that we would be close. It is true we could further away from each other…but it is interesting how close all of the other couples are- but not us. “Within a 5 minute walk,” other couples say. We say “40 minute walk.” We need to get bikes because a 3,000 won taxi ride will add up. I love my apartment now, I had some issues over the weekend with some..err…plumbing but it is fixed now and I am okay. I am attempting to find places around me that I will frequent. Lana will understand- that I want to become a regular somewhere!!! Coffee shops don’t open until later because Koreans drink coffee at night? Its totally strange to me that I can’t go on my way to work to get coffee.

Front of my apartment building.

Me in front of my apartment building!!

It’s been a good time since we have gotten to Korea. Is it sad that already after 2 weeks I have had some moments where I am thinking- “what the hell did I sign up for?” Jeff is being really positive and reminding me that its not Phyllis’s classroom with those 2nd graders who no one could ever replace. *sigh* He is right. I have met some great kids here…but I can’t tell you how depressing it is to not talk with them. I can’t carry a conversation with anyone because we don’t speak a common language 😦

We went out to dinner with friends this weekend at a nice family establishment! haha Chicken upon chicken upon chicken.


I took the subway a lot this weekend…its insane. It is a mall- not like little shops, its a freakin mall inside a lot of these subway stations! Like I need to buy some nicer clothes because Korean women are always dressed up and I look like a scrub so i might as well just take a subway to a subway station and shop haha. Who needs to go above ground?

Disco Ball and everything!!

Until next time know that the typhoon is headed for Busan and passing through Daegu…tonight and all day it has been very rainy : )

Jeff and I happy because we got to wear our rain gear...I know I know Jeff has an umbrella...we had to slightly fit in.


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  1. You look reaking cute in your pictures. I hope you become a regular in Anyang 😉 Jake told me to bring an umbrella. Seriously, wont that count as betraying Oregon?

  2. Chris Ternosky said:

    Samgyeopsal = Pork. Its good stuff :). Always comes with some lettuce, and other vegetables for you to add together.

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