Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!

We had our first Korean class. The class is free, we just pay for the book.

To start us off, Jeff and I are enrolled in 2 Korean language classes. Oy vey. One has started and it is free offered through the Education department in Daegu. The other is 180,000 won and is an intensive Korean class- twice a week.

Along with academics we have been having our share of fun… Jeff turned 25 and he got a whole weekend dedicated to him haha. His coteacher (Mr. Kim) brought him a cake over- thanks Mr. Kim because I didn’t get a chance to get one! We sang Happy Birthday and he made a wish : )

The yummy multi-layered cake.

Making sure it is perfect!

Wishes coming true!!!

We went around in downtown Daegu and here are some of the highlights;

A Monkey...

A Happy Bunch of People!

Viniroo...a drink in a bag. No open container law is pretty crazy here.

Next time- Chuseok 2010, Seoul, South Korea!!!

❤ you Granny!


Comments on: "Jeff Turned ’25’ in Korean Years" (1)

  1. Happy Birthday Jeff! I miss you guys!

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