Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!

8802 form again.


Its past December 1st. It is time to file for the 8802 tax residency form…goodness. Good luck to all of the native teachers out there!!


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  2. So we have to apply for this again? REally?

  3. Hi Teacher Shannon,

    I followed your instructions on how to receive the U.S. Residency Certificate and finally received it a few weeks ago. Thank you!! My question is that when I tried to turn it in to my school they were really confused and pretty much did not know what to do with it. They called the local pension office and were told that I could not use this to prevent deductions for the Korean pension and would have to wait until I was done with my contract. I’m so confused. Is that not what the form is for? How did it work for you?


    • From what I remember it was 2 different things- the Korean tax and the US tax. I will check with my school and get back to you!

  4. Maybe I can help:

    The IRS form is to prevent Korean and US tax. If it is your first two years here, you do not have to pay any Korean or US taxes and they won’t be taken out of your check if you have this.

    The Pension is something entirely different. You HAVE to pay into the pension. But the good news is you get that pension back when you leave Korea.

    • Awesome! Thank you Alex! My co teacher couldn’t remember either ahha. They should just submit that form to the tax office, right?

  5. I just gave it to the administration office at my school and they did the rest. I’d have them call the local office of education if the school doesn’t understand.

  6. In Gwangju everyone gave them to the education office co-ordinator and everything was sorted from there.

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