Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!

Don’t Offend Rice.

Rice, it’s everywhere.

I repeat, don’t offend rice. Recently, I have been trying to cut back on my rice intake- 3 times a day may work for some but personally for me that is a whole lot of rice. One day after lunch my co teacher’s and I were chatting THEN one of them brings attention to the fact that I did not finish my rice! *GASP*

A typical school lunch. (Clockwise from top left: kimchi; stew of pork, onion, cabbage, hot pepper, potato, including blob of gochujang; boiled cabbage with sauce of soy, sesame oil, chopped garlic, hot pepper, scallions; soup of fermented soybean paste, seaweed, scallions, greens; rice.) See the amount of rice!

(picture above by Blake and his blog about his school lunches here.)

They grilled me about why, what was wrong with me?? So, I told them one of my reasons for cutting back on rice…I think it’s making my butt big!

… the looks on their faces.




“Korean people believe that the rice is the most healthy thing for you.”

“My husband, and me included, believe that you should rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner to stay healthy for your whole life and to lose weight.”

Now, some may disagree and say things like; “Look at the Koreans they are so skinny and they eat rice 3 times a day.” I have thought about this and I have come to the conclusion that my body may not work that way. Eating 3 + helpings of white rice a day, not for me.

I have my personal reasons, more than my giant butt. It could also be the late night pizza in a cups, or the fact that I sit on my ass at a computer for 5 hours a day. Whatever the case may be I think that my cutting back on  rice intake is my decision…

Currently, I am being monitored at lunch about how much I eat. With comments like “Oh, aren’t you hungry?” I appreciate their concern but seriously!!

I would just like to reiterate that I don’t think rice is the sole reason for my giant butt. I do think that there are a lot of benefactors to having rice in your diet. I am not quitting rice, just taking it easy for a while. Just to show that I am not prejudice against rice I would like to refer you to Free Rice to donate rice to the World Food Programme.

Also, a cool site I found among my surfing was this blog, about school lunches around the world!


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  1. this post made me smile 🙂 phil and i did a temple stay over lunar new year, and one thing you do is eat this ceremonial meal where you can eat however much you want, but you MUST finish what is in your bowl. the first meal, we had an american serving us our rice. the second time, a korean. oh man. i snuck half of my rice to phil and i STILL could hardly finish it. there was this very petite girl next to me, and i felt sorry that she had no boy to eat her rice for her. i said “i guess this is what happens when we let koreans serve the rice.”

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