Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!

It’s so Pretty Outside!!

Fall in Korea is really beautiful. There aren’t drawbacks like strong winds, rain everyday- like Spring. Spring is pretty but man, its hard to be outside with the beautiful-ness when you feel like you’re going to get blown over or you don’t have a paddle boat or something. So yes, fall wins. The other morning I was walking to school along my students, practicing English and whatnot. I just looked up and realized how beautiful this morning was. I had to capture it.

The view from my building. That mountain is Apsan (front mountain, har har)

This beauty is in the front of my school.

I had to blog about fall before it goes away. Its a matter of days now. The rain will come and all of the leaves will be gone, so I am enjoying it while it is here! 🙂 To Palgonsan I go this weekend!


Comments on: "It’s so Pretty Outside!!" (2)

  1. I love fall too! And today in Oregon it felt like summer, in the 70’s and sunny.
    Have a great weekend teacher Shannon.

  2. jealoussssssss

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