Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!

Keepin’ Busy

I have been really busy, lately. I made a goal about this year to try to do more at my school and be more involved. I really got what I wished for. Teaching my regular classes had gotten a little boring~ just the same stuff over and over again. Not much creativity involved just teaching about the book and making sure they get a good grade on their tests. That kind of attitude and teaching realllllllly brings me down. SO, when I saw an e-mail from the DMOE offering teachers a chance to teach after school English classes twice a week, I jumped at the chance and applied. Soon, I was going to be busier than I ever thought I could be!

My After School Class

I was assigned to teach 3rd graders. I was a little nervous since…that meant…the students had been studying English for less than a year. Following me for 2 hours  was going to pose as a struggle for sure. I have to admit, I really struggled with this class for the first month. I had to make assigned seats, assign daily positive reinforcement deals and a warning system! I reviewed the rules before class everyday. I even had to speak with a mother about her son’s behavior. Me…speaking to a mother…in Korean was really interesting. I hope she understood what I was trying to get across! Anyways, if there is one thing I learned that stuck so hard with me from graduate school its that the #1 step to improving classroom behavior and having good classroom management was good curriculum. I tried my best to plan intersting and challenging lessons, but so often they ended up being…재미 없어, not fun. Through the struggle, we all started to get into a groove and I started to know what they liked and what their needs were. In the end it was such a great experience. Here are some highlights of what we did for the semester~

A-1 Class Portraits

Tom, hehe, sometimes kids have English names

Angry Bird Number Game












Choosing a Pen Pal letter.

Se hee's name poem












Chae Won's poem

Best. Mask. Ever.














Halloween Masks

I feel book... he wrote when it was made and by who.

His page 2, can you see the number two on the left side?










I feel sad...when I fart?



Pen Pals

My old mentor teacher from Portland, Phyllis, was kind enough to start a pen pal correspondence. It was a really big motivator and sooo much fun!

Our pen pal letters have arrived!

Hye-in's letter.

Tom's letter.












About to send their pen pal letters with the origami that they made.


Comments on: "Keepin’ Busy" (2)

  1. Candi Ficken said:

    way to go Shannon!

  2. Wow, good for you! I’ve been in Korea for 6 years and I’ve only taught children a handful of times because I think an entire classroom of them, every day, would drive me insane so I’ve avoided it like the plague. Looks like you had fun with them though! Even more important, it looks like they had fun with you.

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