Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea!

Snow. You always want it when you can’t have it, and want it gone when it persists. Here in Daegu, snow is somewhat rare. Not counting last year where it snowed quite a bit and for an extended period of time… None the less, I want some snow! I want to walk and see my foot prints. I want to make a SNOWMAN! I want to see the city turn white. I want to see it slow down a bit. I explained the concept of a snow dance to a couple of 5th graders yesterday…I hope that they really understood me and did their part. I certainty did.

School is out, but the kids don’t really get a break. I see kids out and about, at school, heading to their hagwons. None of them are just playing or relaxing. Neither am I! I have 3 weeks of winter camp and I have already finished 1. It went really well. I am starting to get the hang of camp! It is now week 2 where I am teaching the beginners alone. They are all 3rd graders with a few 4th graders. We are studying about winter. Today revolved alllllllllllllllllllllll around snow. We read this book:

This book is about how a little boy begins to see a few snowflakes but everyone around him is doubting the snow. As he says “Snow doesn’t listen to the radio. Snow doesn’t watch T.V.”

Counting the snowflakes.

The kids listening to Snow.

So I am hoping that this post acts as yet, another snow dance. As I started this post it was snowing, tiny little flakes. Since then it has stopped : / We got a few hours of snow on New Years Day but it didn’t stick anywhere except peoples cars. If you have snow please, send some my way!!! Next weekend I will be going up north in Gangwon province to an Ice Fishing Festival. It looks really exciting and FULL of snow! Jeff might even jump in freezing water to go fishing…aka CATCH a fish. ahh!


UPDATE: 10 minutes after writing this post THIS is what I saw out of my window…   ; )

Outside of my bedroom window. : )

Can you see the snowflakes in the light?


Comments on: "Snow Post acting as a Snow Dance." (1)

  1. I love seeing you read to your students. You all have coats on???? Is that to set the mood or is it the poor heating in the buildings, like we talked about last skyping?

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