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The Food From My Trip Part I

FINALLY. Honestly, I have tried to post this blog several times before now but I ended up getting inspired by looking at my pictures of food and went to foodgawker.com or something. Today, I am focused.

I love eating. I love talking about, looking at , thinking about, dreaming about…food. When researching food in Singapore and Malaysia beforehand I was already drooling. This post will be all about my food pictures from my trip. There were times when I was eating and it just didn’t seem right to take a picture, or I finished it so fast that when I remembered it looked too eaten. : / Please enjoy.

Singapore, Singapore. While I was in Singapore I would eat 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners everyday because I didn’t want to miss anything. Can you imagine???

Dragon fruit and others fresh smoothie.

coffee and kaya toast @ Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Kaya toast @ Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Apple and Aloe Juice : )

Mint Marsala Thosai.

Roasted chicken, rice, cucumbers and some sauce. Food stalls.

Food stall dinner #1 complete with a coconut.

Sugar cane drink.

Chicken wings, eggs with oysters.

Satays, oysters and egg, chicken wings.

Unidentified fruit smoothie from OOMPH!

Coffee at Old Town White Coffee.

Of course, I got kaya to go with it. @ Old Town White Coffee.

Potato curry and paratha.

Soft boiled eggs with a little soy sauce.

Ice cream 'sandwich.'

I drank coconut juice everyday.

Vegetable stuffed rotti.

I know there is so much more to eat in Singapore, but I definitely ate a lot.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Coconut. Nuts. Curries. Vegetables. ROTI. Malaysian food was so delicious.

Some spongy bread with veggies on top and lots of dipping and a mint, lime aid.

Juice= walking around.
Beer= tired of walking around.

DELICIOUS coconut rice sweets. Everything in it was made from a coconut.

Veggie Indian platter.

Clams with tumeric.

Chicken fish.


Steamed bread with kaya and butter @ Old Town White Coffee.