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Daegu, South Korea

Now that I know that we are in Daegu, South Korea I decided to do some research about it…

A guide map of airports and transportation out of Daegu.

  • Population of 2.5 million people
  • Known as the “Fashion capital” of Korea
  • Known as a “green city” and is running on alternative energy sources
  • Kim Bum-il in the Mayor haha
  • Suseong Resort is a reservoir resort area in Daegu’s southeast side. Ringed by trees and a walkway with benches, many young couples come here to take a walk or enjoy the beauty of the reservoir.
    You can often see middle and high school students who come here to practice sketching landscapes. People can enjoy boating or windsurfing in the reservoir. On the west side, Suseong Land has a few rides and attracts crowds until late at night.

– Admission: Free
-Directions: Take #404, 435 bus at the Dongdaegu Express Bus Terminal next to Dongdaegu Station and exit                               at Suseongmot 5 (O) geori, 5 minutes walking.

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