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Back in the Grind

Ahh. I am finally getting back to a normal schedule and settling into my apartment! I will add pictures of my new apartment once I actually decorate it. Currently, the only thing vibrant about it is the awesome wall paper of pink and purple hydrangeas. Anyways, as I sit here in my awesome new apartment I can’t help but still think about how great my trip back home was.

Its been almost a month since we’ve come back to Korea (Jeff and I.) Three weeks sounds like a long time but in reality- it felt so short! I will post some of the highlights from my trip-

We were greeted with signs : ) Thank you!!

First beer out with friends : )

Portlandia, Portland, Oregon.

A perfect day with friends at Sauvies Island.

Family Bowling Night.

Hiking with my sister at Multnomah Falls.

Ficken Family Fun Weekend/ Summer Olympics. Jeff and I came in 2nd place.

O'Connor Family BBQ. Fun and BABIES!

More O'Connors. ears...

Classic. ❤

It is hard to look back at these photos because it was just so fun. It was also hard to pick which pictures really capture the feeling of everything that I did. Sometimes there just isn’t even a picture to describe how awesome something was. After my trip back home and all of the love that I received, I knew I would be okay for another year abroad away from family and friends. I know that they love me! I am recharged for another year full of kimchi, English and last minute changes haha. I loved you Portland, you were good to me this summer! Thanks to everyone who made the trip so wonderful!


Thinkin’ About…Homesickness.

There are pros and cons to living abroad. One major, big, fat, ugly con is that you really miss your friends and family back home. You start to think about what you are missing…all the times to be had with loved ones, especially maybe those loved ones who wont be around after the next couple years. Skype definitely helps with the sadness that homesickness can bring, but its just not the same. You run out of things to say, you have things to do- life just happens. When you are there you don’t see the dramatic differences in how much the baby grew, or how worse a person’s condition gets. So thank you skype for the wonders that you do but I wish you had a teleportation device sometimes! I have to admit, I am sure it could be worse…if I am ever feeling too homesick I always have Jeff around to cheer me up. So I always have a little dose of home with my everyday. : )

Homesickness comes and goes and it can even come when I am happy. I have been enjoying my time in Daegu and just signed on for another year- (so August 2012 I think we will be done with S. Korea.) So obviously, I like it enough to stay another year. Sometimes I just get those days where I ask myself- “Where in the world am I?”

The time to take a trip to visit home is coming near, just 2 months or so away and I can’t wait to see everybody. I know I will be observing birds with my GTEP people, bowling and probably catching breezies with my Aloha people. Watching a lot of T.V. with my siblings and kicking their asses at rummy 500. BEATING the Fickens and Klinedinsts’ at the Summer Olympic games!! PLAYING WITH ELLA!!!! Drinking margaritas, shopping at Goodwill, invading peoples pools, drifting down a river in a tube, going to the falls. Did I mention that I am going to eat myself into a DELICIOUS COMA??????? Well, I will.

Right now, I am really thinking about my wonderful grandparents- whom I love and miss dearly. I know my grandma used to read this blog, I hope she still does. If so, Granny, PeePaw- I love you!

Granny and Grandpa before I left for South Korea.

I can only imagine what he said here.... : ) ❤

Grandparents and my little big brother, Sean.

Not only do I miss them so much, but my siblings Sean and Colleen. Colleen and I used to talk to each other everyday for at least 30 minutes. About what, you ask? I have no idea. Half of the time we would fight, or laugh, who cares- we were talking. Somehow we have managed to keep up that tradition- though not as often. I skype her maybe 3-4 times a week. My LITTLE big brother, Seany, is even far away from what is happening at home- I just hope I get to see him in the summer.

My sister : )

Now my ma and pa. I miss my dad’s stories and home cooked meals. I miss my mom’s random ass sayings- I hope she knows that I am sounding more like you everyday.

My whole fam : ) Love you ma and pa ❤

So that is all of my sappy post. I just wish I could be home to be there for everyone but just know I love you!!