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$720 to Korea

Last night….we bought our tickets!!!!

PDX———————————>SAN FRANCISCO—————————————————————————————————————–(11 hours)—————————————————————————–>SEOUL—————————————(3.5 hours)——————————————>JEONJU.

The length of —- = the amount of travel time. I have been trying to keep up to date on the weather that I am about to enter into in Daegu. Look at what I found:

So I guess no one is joking when they say that it is “rainy” season in South Korea right now haha. Good thing I am from the Northwest and I am no stranger to wetness.

Jeff and I are overly excited to do this journey together. He is so excited to learn about being a teacher and I can’t wait to get my teach on. Its going to be an amazing experience : )


NOA: Daegu?

Teehee, so all this time I have been telling people that I am headed to Busan. Busan bound. Beautiful beach town & teaching. Yesterday I figured out that I am not going to Busan but going to Daegu in stead! The news of this switch however came as a big surprise when Jeff got his contract 3.5 hours before me. His stated that he was assigned to Daegu- all I could think was, where the hell am I? So I missed the DHL guy first time around and called him immediately. He told me that he could “probably swing by at 2:30.”

I waited around….

I waited around… unable to concentrate on anything else for more than 10 minutes because I would be looking out the window!!!

Finally, he showed up with a big smile and handed me the envelope. Inside was

1. NOA

2. 2 contracts

3. EPIK packet

4. Visa E-2 form

The beloved DHL package!

NOA: Daegu!

The contract. Half in Korean, half in English.

EPIK information. 5 page packet with lists and websites about getting ready.

So the waiting game is over for receiving real documents from EPIK! Yay! I am just so anxious to see how this all pans out. There was some confusion with my contract and the salary- but that will be cleared up at orientation. Thanks to Joyce for all of her efforts! Hooray! Up next…filling out the Visa E-2 application. This is confusing.

Now that we found out we are going to Daegu, I have been doing a lot of research on the area. It seems really vibrant and beautiful!

Daegu's night skyline.

I found a cute video, it just strolls through Daegu- a quick snap shot!

Tracking Number for NOA!

The tracking number came yesterday but I didn’t have time to write! Look at where it is AS OF NOW!

Sooo…it is in Portland and in the truck on its way to be delivered to my house at any point today! What a glorious day! This day has finally arrived!

Now that I have this on the way Jeff and I are figuring out how to get our E2 visas. I posted on a facebook group for all of the other EPIK, GEPIK and SMOE people to ask them if they had any idea. They all came back with really helpful ideas. Found out that there might be a mail-it-in option. I say this because if there wasn’t then we would drive up to Seattle to get our visas. 3.5 hours…I guess I don’t mind but I would rather not spend all that gas money! Id rather spend it in Korea!!! So for sure, we would have to leave the 15th to make it to orientation by the 18th in the morning. When I get my flight details I will post that, but I can’t do that until I get my contract.

I am continuing to get rid of things and “size down” my life. I am finding it much harder. Is it sad that I want to bring baskets and organization things! I am afraid to pack. People got me thinking about it on the discussion boards and it nearly gave me a panic attack. My life will not fit into two suitcases. No way. I guess it’ll have to! haha Maybe I will have signed a contract and sent it back to EPIK next time I post! I hope so!!

Potential Orientation Dates!


Another e-mail from EPIK today stating that there is a potential date for orientation : ) Now it is not just hear say from Dave ESL cafe for me, but from someone who knows more about my job.

Here is what was sent to me from a consultant from KorVia in South Korea:

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Period 8.17 – 8.25 8.18 – 8.26 8.19 – 8.27
Place Kyung Hee University

(Yongin Campus)

JeonJu University


National Institute for International Education


POE Seoul Busan, Daegu, Daejeon Gwangju, Ulsan, Jeonbuk/Jeonnam,  Gyeongbuk/Gyeongnam Incheon, Gyeonggi,

Gangwon, Chungbuk,


Pick-up Service Aug. 17th only


Aug. 18th only


Aug. 19th only


So…I know that EPIK training lasts for more than 1 day so having this tentative schedule makes me feel better about having a job- also it confuses me! So I arrive on the 18th good to know, JeonJu University is not close to Busan at all so that is funny.

The route I would take from the orientation in JeonJu to Busan, where I would be teaching.

I am however very happy to know that I am considered to be on their mailing list as having a job! 🙂 Jeff and I are near each other on the mailing list and maybe that is a sign that we will be near each other in Busan…the 2nd largest city in South Korea, oye vey. I feel like we will be alright, we both have so much that we want to accomplish while in Korea and it will be a great experience for both of us together and apart.

More to come once we find out more… Joyce did ask us for our addresses so EPIK is sending us our contracts soon. Well the e-mail says by mid July- oh my! So much for getting our documents in early to get the process rolling…!!! I am hoping that our timely manner will place us near each other in Busan. It is all coming together! Ahh I have started to pack away things and give things away.



It all started in December. December is when I submitted my application to KorVia. Here I am 6 months later and I have;

1. Sumbitted my online application

2. Met with Joyce and Craig

3. Appostilled the shit out of everything

4. Got a letter from the Dean of Education

5. Interviewed

6. Got offered a job

7. Got an email saying that I had a job later… haha

8. Waiting for a contract

It is June 28, 2010. I am still waiting to hear from EPIK about my contract and details about my life haha. I am growing anxious about the year ahead. I have set high standards for myself and my ability to teach let alone teach English. This is coming from the girl who has spelling errors in her blog entries. As I am finishing up this final project that Lana and I are working together on I am feeling more confident about myself. We are compiling a set of 45 English energizers (fun and exciting ways to teach and get students moving and involved) and it is turning out really nice.

Everyday I am researching about other English teachers and their experiences and I have to say- not one experience is like the other. They have similarities of course, but each are so unique it is hard to make any inferences about my future. I kind of like not knowing at this point. I am a person who maps everything out and over thinks each move that the looseness of this experience is just what I need. I need to get out of myself, and feel uncomfortable. I have been comfortable for 24 years-

SO here is to not feeling totally comfortable, to creating a new sense of comfortability and way of life. Here is to a new country, new language and new students. Cheers to NEW.

My friend Christ is in Korea right now teaching, he got there last week. Within three days he had made a handful of friends and had several eye opening experiences. Maybe he will make a wordpress blog that I can follow haha.

Dear EPIK Teachers,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have become a successful EPIK teacher for the Fall 2010 semester.

This e-mail was really exciting! It stated that yes, for sure, I am an English teacher through EPIK. However, the email was very vague because it was a mas e-mail. It instructed me to contact my recruiter for more information. Buuttt….she didn’t know more yet and I was told to be patient. Patient! I am very patient! I just need to know, I want to buy a plane ticket and just know how long my time is going to be here at home.

So, this email was something but kind of nothing all at the same time. Jeff and I are still in limbo but we have been thinning down our belongings and are starting to think about studying the letters and phonetics of Korean. : )