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It all started in December. December is when I submitted my application to KorVia. Here I am 6 months later and I have;

1. Sumbitted my online application

2. Met with Joyce and Craig

3. Appostilled the shit out of everything

4. Got a letter from the Dean of Education

5. Interviewed

6. Got offered a job

7. Got an email saying that I had a job later… haha

8. Waiting for a contract

It is June 28, 2010. I am still waiting to hear from EPIK about my contract and details about my life haha. I am growing anxious about the year ahead. I have set high standards for myself and my ability to teach let alone teach English. This is coming from the girl who has spelling errors in her blog entries. As I am finishing up this final project that Lana and I are working together on I am feeling more confident about myself. We are compiling a set of 45 English energizers (fun and exciting ways to teach and get students moving and involved) and it is turning out really nice.

Everyday I am researching about other English teachers and their experiences and I have to say- not one experience is like the other. They have similarities of course, but each are so unique it is hard to make any inferences about my future. I kind of like not knowing at this point. I am a person who maps everything out and over thinks each move that the looseness of this experience is just what I need. I need to get out of myself, and feel uncomfortable. I have been comfortable for 24 years-

SO here is to not feeling totally comfortable, to creating a new sense of comfortability and way of life. Here is to a new country, new language and new students. Cheers to NEW.

My friend Christ is in Korea right now teaching, he got there last week. Within three days he had made a handful of friends and had several eye opening experiences. Maybe he will make a wordpress blog that I can follow haha.


Document Terror

Oh vey.

This weekend I received quite a shocking letter from Portland State University. They mentioned that they were actually not going to register me for CI 515 (a required class) that I had some registration problems with. Without this class, I couldn’t graduate, get a degree at all, get a license, get my job in South Korea! This 1 credit class could seal my fate so quickly? I wasn’t going to let that happen. I emailed my professor and she was quick to respond (even though it was Mothers Day!) What I ended up having to do is creating another class CI 507 and it is a class that is equivalent to CI 515 BUT for some freakin reason they wont let me register for that! Now I will probably have to defend myself when it comes to licensing time and say that CI 507 is CI 515. Ugh. I look forward to this following me around all of my teaching career.

That was not the only document that I was needing to take care of. I was needing a letter from the Department Chair of my program  saying that I am on the right track to getting my Masters degree. Not only did I need that letter, but I needed to go to Salem to get it Apostilled. One good thing about that was that I got to see Jeff : )

Once I had that, that was the completion of my documents process- other than running them down to Joyce at PSU!

(a picture of Jeff and my completed documents!)

Once I was done apostiling my letter Jerf took me to lunch : ) Once I made my way back to Portland, I got a phone call from Craig and Joyce in the ballroom. I ran up the stairs and handed over my documents! It was bitter sweet. I found out that I didn’t attach things that I was supposed to, ugh, and I was supposed to have 2 pictures of my passport. I hope that it will be okay. If not I will be prepared to drive it to Joyce!

At the end of the day:

-I am registered for a reflective practice class (although sounds different is the same class)

-Joyce has all of my documents and she is sending them to South Korea tomorrow. She is saving Jeff and I a lot of money on postage : )

-I drank a margarita with Lana : )