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Instead of reading something about my rambling on and on, I am choosing to tell a story of what has been going on or what I have been doing for the past…while. I REALLY want to blog more often but sometimes I am so very tired at the end of the day. Anyways, I am alive and well just surviving the yellow dust season- it just started so..

Recently, I ate.

Steak...with cheeseeeee @ Hoban on Suseong lake.

Eggs Benedict @ Daily Bread in Downtown Daegu.

Red velvet cup cake among others from Hello Cupcake, I believe. Downtown Daegu.

Recently I went outside…

Pooch down the street.

Spring came for a day and went away for another month.

Duryu Park.

Speck of yellow dust and a sun set.

Recently, spring came.

Hello, Spring!

Zingin in the Springin!

Suseong Lake.

Seusong Lake!


I got a package (some swag) from the Daegu Marathon People. Daegu Race is soon...

Just forĀ fun.

Can you find the foreigner?