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Back in the Grind

Ahh. I am finally getting back to a normal schedule and settling into my apartment! I will add pictures of my new apartment once I actually decorate it. Currently, the only thing vibrant about it is the awesome wall paper of pink and purple hydrangeas. Anyways, as I sit here in my awesome new apartment I can’t help but still think about how great my trip back home was.

Its been almost a month since we’ve come back to Korea (Jeff and I.) Three weeks sounds like a long time but in reality- it felt so short! I will post some of the highlights from my trip-

We were greeted with signs : ) Thank you!!

First beer out with friends : )

Portlandia, Portland, Oregon.

A perfect day with friends at Sauvies Island.

Family Bowling Night.

Hiking with my sister at Multnomah Falls.

Ficken Family Fun Weekend/ Summer Olympics. Jeff and I came in 2nd place.

O'Connor Family BBQ. Fun and BABIES!

More O'Connors. ears...

Classic. ❤

It is hard to look back at these photos because it was just so fun. It was also hard to pick which pictures really capture the feeling of everything that I did. Sometimes there just isn’t even a picture to describe how awesome something was. After my trip back home and all of the love that I received, I knew I would be okay for another year abroad away from family and friends. I know that they love me! I am recharged for another year full of kimchi, English and last minute changes haha. I loved you Portland, you were good to me this summer! Thanks to everyone who made the trip so wonderful!


Relaxing @ Home.

Delicious beer & good friends : )