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It’s Cold- Let’s go see the Flaming Lips!

It’s really cold. Seriously, I have never been so cold. So I thought it was time to warm up and go cuddle with Lanalee in Anyang. I was feeling quite homesick so it was so nice to be with someone who knows me. I made a 3 day weekend out of this trip, leaving right after school on Friday. I wanted to save money so I took the Mugunghwa train…the train that takes about 4 hours from Daegu to Seoul. I brought along things to do, but if I didn’t have any headphones I would have gone mad! The man next to me was watching a very cheesy murder mystery drama in English with Korean subtitles…without headphones. It was harder to tune it out because I could understand what they were saying- what are the odds?

Saturday we started early-ish. We wanted to get some winter clothes shopping done! We were determined!!! Destination: Namdemun and Myeong-dong; H&M. When Lana and I shop together, we usually do pretty well. I’d say we did just fine with all that we got!


Shopping in Myeong-dong- this cat meant that there was A CAT CAFE AROUND! Wish I could partake : ( (photo courtesy of Lana)

After shopping we found Chris trapped on the other side of the gates in the subway. You see, Chris lives in JeonJu where there is no subway system, so this technology is obviously too advanced for him. I think they use candles to light their houses in JeonJu. : ) Chris, Lana and I went to find Jake and the Happy Guesthouse- our hostel for the night.


Altogether again! (photo courtesy of Lana)

We were waiting for the owner of the “Happy Guesthouse,” to come find us to take us- the directions weren’t too clear…

Our hostel. It was great!

It was so nice to see my friends from home  : ) We all went to dinner in Itewon- near our hostel.

"Lemon Soju Shot" (photo courtesy of Lana)

After dinner we were pretty sure we knew where we were going…THANKFULLY the lovely people from the ‘Seoul Foreigners Tourism’ representative…was standing near by. They helped us tell the taxi driver where to go. The drive seemed like it took forever then finally…

The Flaming Lips- IN SEOUL! First concert in Korea.

What...is...the light??

The Flaming Lips! ❤

Oregon sticker!! (photo courtesy of Lana)

Yippie! HOORAY!!

When the concert was over, all of us were ready for another! One more time! Unfortunately, Chris went back to JeonJu but Lana and I went and cooked up some delicious food. The next morning I DID miss my train- but it was okay. It was nice sitting in the sun with Lana at Seoul Station ahaha. This Seoul trip can be summed up with one picture…which I stole from Lana (again)…

Lana and I drinking black coffee. Black, drip coffee.