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It’s fun to be at the…YMCA…


I couldn’t help myself. I have been in Daegu now for about 8 months. For 7 of them Jeff and I have been taking Korean classes at the YMCA in downtown Daegu- right outside of Banwoldang subway station, exit 14.

The YMCA in downtown Daegu where we take our Korean classes.

When I started the class I didn’t know how to read hangul. Every word I wrote down an ‘English’ pronunciation right next to it.

For example:

이게 뭐야?

“ee-gay mo-yay-yo?”

What’s this?

There were so many processes that my mind had to go through that the actual vocabulary and grammatical structures that I learned, did not stick so much. Currently, I am in ‘2A,’ for advanced Korean speakers. This is not me, but since I finished all of the books before 2A- thats where I am. I have come along way since the beginning and I have my people from the YMCA to thank! I really enjoy taking the classes here and all of the staff are far beyond helpful! They are very encouraging and try to make 2 hours of Korean grammar twice a week from 7-9…a fun task.

My 1A class…back in September.

My teacher Boseon and I checking my homework. Jeh-poo in the background.

Our sweet little class. From the left Paul, Iskandar, Boseon, me, Jeff, and Jaiway.

As I said earlier, I am taking the 2A class. You might think “Wow, great job!” or “You go, girl!”- Whichever is your type of encouraging saying buuut…now its my second time taking 2A…First time around my class consisted of me and Jeff. It was AWESOME!!

Yep, thats Korean class. haha

Yep, this is basically what class was like sometimes. Jeff and I just got to try out every new vocabulary word and grammatical structure carefree!

We use text books for our Korean class from called the Sogang series. I actually like the way that they are laid out and introduce a fair amount of vocabulary. The only down fall is you have to constantly see Andyshe.


Andy being the lost foreigner in Korea again.

As you can see, Andy is a major part of my learning Korean. He introduces us to new phrases so that when we are in a boarding house we know how to ask what type of rooms they have, haha. Although Andy is great, he is not the best part.

Andy hitting on Mina.

2A, the first time around. : )

Candid ; )

Our teacher Sagong Jin, is really an amazing teacher and person. She is studying to become a teacher and teaching people like Jeff and I in the evenings. She really enjoys teaching and you can tell!

OUR class!!! Sagong Jin, Jeff and I. This is our silly pose.

My notes- PROOF! I am learning!

Overall, I know that Jeff and I are both really satisfied with our time at the YMCA. We have made some great friends and learned a lot. If you live in Daegu and happen to read this blog- e-mail me if you are interested in taking classes!!