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Right when I think that it’s all Jeff’s fault for holding up our Visa processing pro-cess. I get an email today.

“We got a message from EPIK that they were doing the visa processing and found that there is signature missing and they are requesting you to send with hand signature on documents as soon as possible..

To make sure the visa processing keep going, you need to send me scanned one first via e-mail and send rest of documents to Korea directly as soon as you can..”

I mean, it only takes like 5 freakin days to send something from Portland Oregon to South Korea!!! ahhh I think all of this work will pay off, and make it so that our trip and school years start off really smooth.

So after a long day of teaching 2nd graders I was running back and forth between the office and my classroom scanning and signing papers! My recruiter received them via e-mail but now I must send the hard copies tomorrow. Sounds easy, but I am sure I will run into some sort of complication. : ) Wish me luck!